All That Glitters Isn't Gold, but It Could Still Be Valuable

The gold buyers at Gold Star Gold Buyers in Sterling Heights, MI can evaluate your items

Maybe you've found a jar of old coins in your grandfather's trunk or a beautiful diamond necklace in your late mother's jewelry box. They may not have sentimental value to you, but they might still be valuable in terms of precious metals. Find out how much your items are worth by bringing them to Gold Star Gold Buyers.

We've been serving the Sterling Heights, MI community for years. Our owner is experienced in the cash-for-gold business, so she can find a gold mine in...

An old coin collection
A cluttered jewelry box
Cabinets filled with dusty antiques

We also pay cash for silver, diamonds and platinum. Contact our gold buyers today for pricing information.


How much could your gold jewelry or coins be worth?



Don't just give away your antiques. If they're silver, we'll buy them.



Whether they're loose or set in fine jewelry, we'll pay handsomely for your diamonds.



Do you have this rare precious metal in your jewelry box or coin collection?


Diamonds are a girl's best friend...

...but cash is king. If you want to get rid of diamond jewelry you no longer wear, bring it to our jewelry buyers. Remember, we pay cash for diamonds.

We can find a platinum needle in a silver haystack

Platinum is a rare precious metal that's highly sought-after by coin collectors and fashionistas alike. Think you've inherited platinum coins or jewelry? Our jewelry buyers can tell for sure.

Bring your items to our store in Sterling Heights, MI to get cash for platinum. Give us a call at 586-580-3245 if you have any questions.


Over the years, we have seen other cash for gold places come and go, but we are here to stay. Our customers mean everything to us. YOU. It is our job to treat you right and take care of your needs. We pay our customers the best every day because we don't have "sales," or "specials." We have honesty and loyalty, and we appreciate every person that walks through our door.

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Caroline Q.

I stopped in Gold Star Gold Buyers today to have them take a look at a pair of earrings to verify the stone, and they were so friendly and helpful! The woman helping me did a couple of tests on the earrings to establish what the stone and metal was, and was extremely knowledgeable and shared a lot of information with me! She didn't have to spend so much time helping me, I wasn't spending any money, she just genuinely wanted to help me! Seems like a very trustworthy and professional business!

Sue R.

What a present experience that I had here today! Seriously I felt like I knew the young lady who was working there for forever, and this was my first time coming in! Such easy conversations that just flowed so effortlessly! Got the best bang for my buck and I would tell anyone reading this review to make sure you check this place out.

Mackenzie M.

This is the best store Ive been into since this pandemic. I got laughs and best service of my life. And was given a fair price. Would recommend this place to anyone trying to turn in there unwanted gold or silver.