Inheriting Antiques Can Be a Silver Lining

Gold Star Gold Buyers pays cash for silver in Sterling Heights, MI

Wondering where to sell silver jewelry, silverware, drinkware, tea sets or other silver items? Come to Gold Star Gold Buyers in Sterling Heights, MI. We'll give you cold, hard cash in exchange for unwanted antiques or collections. It's a win-win.

Our friendly sign guy will show you where to sell your silver - look for his "We Buy Gold & Silver" sign. Visit our Contact page now for directions to our cash-for-silver store.

Check the mint dates on your silver coins

Check the mint dates on your silver coins

Modern coins are made from metal alloys, but older coins were made of mostly silver. That's why 20th-century coins are so prized. Check your collection for...

  • U.S. coins dated 1964 or earlier
  • Canadian coins dated 1967 or earlier
  • British coins dated 1946 or earlier

We pay cash for silver coins like these, as well as silver bars and ingots. Bring your coin collection to our team in Sterling Heights, MI today.